The Guild Is No More; A Sad Yet Peaceful Announcement by Felicia Day

The Guild web series has come to an end

The Guild is officially finished as a web series. Felicia Day, star and creator of The Guild, has confirmed that it is done.

What is The Guild?

The Guild was a hugely popular web series based around the World of Warcraft community. The show explained how a guild within a game can come together and be more than just a guild. Over the years the series has made a name for itself among gamers and non gamers alike by sharing the crazy cross between life and gaming. On top of their success as a webseries The Guild has created a few original music videos, and was even fetured in Rockband with Do You Want to Date my Avatar.

A Sad Day

When I saw the announcement, I was a bit sad to see The Guild ending. As a web series The Guild was a trend setter, and it spread the web series idea out there for a lot of people.

Something new for the future?

Felicia has said that after Comic Con has ended she will be progressing towards her new endeavors. Whether she already has plans for what she might be going for, or if she will be searching for some plan is yet to be revealed. One can only hope whatever Felicia comes up with is as good as The Guild was.

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Published Jul. 11th 2013
  • Adrian Forte
    You would think they would be good enough to link to the web site, or quote the actual announcement...
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    it was stated in a telephone interview.
  • Cupcakecrisis
    Featured Contributor
    Aww I'm sad to hear this, but hopeful to see what else she creates!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well
  • Jeni Harrison
    :( Was really looking forward to the new series, which I thought had been announced. It must have been a very happy dream.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Felicia does do Co-optitude and Geek and Sundry, but it was specifically stated that it'd be something else

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