MtG: 11 Most Expensive Innistrad Midnight Hunt Cards

Tovolar, Dire Overlord

  • Regular art price: $11.21
  • Extended art price: $20.36

The Werewolves archetype in commander format has been in a period of stasis, as there were no good werewolf commanders for a long time. Now, Tovolar takes his well deserved spot as one of the most anticipated commanders ever.

This card also gains some serious traction within standard and modern formats, which is a good indication for all investors. If Tovolar, Dire Overlord performs exceptionally well in commander and other formats, which is very much probable, then it will go up to $15-20 a card.

It may even trump the prognosis and break the price even higher. It all depends on the performance.

Published Sep. 17th 2021

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