Can't Play Dawn of War 3? Here are 6 Games in the Warhammer Franchise to Keep You Busy

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Jump forward a few years from Dawn of War and we have Space Marine

This title radically changes the formula and brings third-person action into the mix. While shooting plays a big part in Space Marine, melee is, in fact, a huge focus.

The game has a wide variety of weapons with which you can rip your opponents to shreds. The Thunder Hammer, for example, uses its energy on impact, making killing blows all the more sweeter. The Power Axe, on the other hand, is able to disrupt solid matter and tear through extremely strong armor. It's a Warhammer game that allows you to get a little close and personal in comparison to the RTS titles. 

Space Marine obviously feels slightly different to its counterparts, but it was still well received, which of course means that it's a game that is well worth revisiting. If you fancy scratching that Warhammer itch as a Marine who can obliterate enemy after enemy with some mighty fine weaponry, then this is your game. 

Published Apr. 29th 2017

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