Tree of Savior entering second CBT phase this month

Tree of Savior's allowing 5,000 more testers into CBT2 this month.

If you played Ragnarok Online back in the day, you're no doubt frothing at the mouth for spiritual successor Tree of Savior. The gorgeous isometric MMORPG had its first international closed beta two months ago, and it's about to enter a second.

Tree of Savior's first international closed beta only allowed 5,000 players onto the game's servers, though 4,000 beta keys were also handed out on the Tree of Savior International Community website. The second closed beta phase won't be much different. 5,000 additional players will be let in during the upcoming phase along with the initial testers to make for a total of 14,000 players.

The next beta's schedule has yet to be released, but IMC Games stated in the latest announcement that the test would be happening this month.

How they will choose testers is also yet to be revealed. Last phase simply chose 5,000 random testers who had logged into the official website before the deadline. This test's chosen few will probably be chosen in a similar fashion.

We have a ways yet until Tree of Savior finally sees a full release, but don't let that stop you from trying to get into the closed betas or poking around with the community's handy skill builder tool. Keep an eye on the official website as well as the International Community site linked above to make sure you apply for the next closed beta as soon as applications are open.

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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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