Don't Waste Your Money -- Watch Out for These Red Flags on Any Indie Title

Too Many 'Cooks in the Kitchen"

Leadership is often the determining factor in a company's success.  Effective management can pull everyone together and provide a cohesive vision for the whole team. Sometimes, a team of leaders can be more effective than one. The important thing is that they all have specific roles, and don't get in the way of the overall vision.

Creative projects can be some of the most sensitive when it comes to having a coherent vision. Conflicting opinions on the direction of the game, art-style, and other factors can not only delay development, but be catastrophic for everyone if they can't be settled peacefully. A heated argument among management could lead to the development team splitting up and a game being canceled.

In the interest of investing in a project, it's good to know who is doing what. Who leads character design? Who leads level design? All of the roles should have a name with them. You should also check to see if those names change.  Did they update their backers on the change?  If not, ask why. 

Published Nov. 6th 2016

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