Xenoblade Chronicles X: Special Edition Boxset

Nintendo is giving North America a special edition box for Xenoblade Chronicles X, featuring artwork and a custom USB with the soundtrack.

In honor for the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X in North America, Nintendo has put together a wonderful special edition package that gives the gamer a bunch of awesome gear themed for Xenoblade

If you feel like playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can find it exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U for the normal price of $59.99; with the special edition bundle will cost $89.99.What to expect in the Special Edition

The special edition box contains four major pieces to complete anyone's Xenoblade collection. Made specifically for Xenoblade Chronicles X, within the edition is:

  • Digital soundtrack on custom USB with 10 songs
  • Art book with over 100 pages of game concept designs
  • Physical game disc with artwork on box
  • Matted 5x7 art card

While the wait for Xenoblade Chronicles X is a few months, due on December 4th 2015, there has been plenty of hype building from the gameplay trailer featured at this past E3 of 2015. The main goal behind this game is to protect humanity in hopes of survival. What other reason do you need? It's time to suit up just like the trailer tells us to.

What do you think of the Xenoblade Chronicles X: Special Edition? Would you buy that over the normal game-only option? Any expectations for the gameplay? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Aug. 31st 2015
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    Nab copies before the inevitable shortage and scalping to follow.

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