Tekken Mobile Release Date Announced

The mobile version of the famous fighting franchise will be released regionally in three stages during the next 30 days and will also feature a brand-new character.

Bandai Namco announced today release dates for Tekken Mobile, the first installment of the franchise on mobile gaming platforms. The game will release progressively around the world on the following dates in the following regions:

  • February 1: Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia
  • February 15: Western Europe and Singapore
  • March 1: USA, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong 

You're still on time to pre-register to benefit from the pre-release rewards, which include random characters and in-game items, by signing up on the official website.

As part of the successful pre-registration campaign (which accumulated 900,000 new registrations in less than a week), the company also uploaded a new game trailer featuring Rodeo, a new, mobile-exclusive character that will be available on March 1 to all players.

The trailer depicts the character's fighting style, some of his outfits, and a whole lot of synthwave:

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on Tekken Mobile as it develops.


Published Feb. 1st 2018

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