MtG: 11 Most Expensive Core Set 2021 Cards

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

  • Online price: $2.00
  • Paper price: $11.69

In modern, only an Amulet Titan deck would want to play Azusa, Lost but Seeking, which is a reprint in Core Set 2021. 

There are plenty commander lists that include Azusa, but neither standard nor pioneer players will want to pay over $10 for a card that has so much competition in both of these formats.

This means that the reprint from Core Set 2021 will settle at exactly that range, and those who wish to purchase collectible prints should look at either an original Champions of Kamigawa print or alternate promo from Core Set 2021, which now stands at around $40 a piece.

Published Jun. 24th 2020

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