Battler Cartel pack is now available in Star Wars: The Old Republic

A new item pack is available in Star Wars: The Old Republic, featuring new armor sets, sabers, mounts, and more.

Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic will have something new to look forward to as a brand-new item pack arrives in the Cartel Market. The Battler Cartel pack contains a variety of new items to gain, including armor sets, creature mounts, and more. 

Armor sets come in rarities of "Gold", "Silver", and so on within these market packs. A few examples of the armor sets releasing for this pack include the gold ranked "Ruthless Scion" set pictured below, as well as the silver ranked "Dark Augur" and "Unshakeable Trooper". Both of these sets have unique designs, although the Unshakeable Trooper set keeps to a very plain white scheme which could be considered bland by some players. 

Ruthless Scion male armor

Aside from the variety of armor sets coming out, new sabers will also be released. Two of them include the Defiant Technographer's lightsaber and the Defiant Technographer's dual saber.

One of the rarer saber drops is the Defiant Vented lightsaber, which resembles the one carried by Kylo Ren in the most recent Star Wars film. Along with sabers there are also crystal drops. This pack will contain the Advanced White crystal and lightsabers created from it will be colored silver. 


Of course every space traveler also needs a mount to carry them around the multitude of planets and locales. Three of the mounts in the Battler Cartel pack are of gold rarity; two are pictured above -- the Arbor Makrin and Eternal Empire Command Walker.

Only one companion is available in the Battler Cartel Pack this time around; an Isotope-5 droid. Companions are SWTOR's equivalent of pets seen in other similar MMORPG games. They follow your character around and can also engage in battles against other companion pets. 

Overall, the Battler Cartel pack has some pretty cool items for fans of this Star Wars themed MMORPG to look forward to. There's a decent variety of items available, which should cater to most players who are seeking something new for their characters to wear or use. 

Which items are you excited for? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Aug. 10th 2016

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