3 Things I Hope They Change in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Make Pokémon Challenging Again!

My favorite thing about the Pokémon games when I was younger was that they were hard. I would often get stuck at a gym leader or the Elite Four and I would need to go train my Pokémon in the wild before coming back and fighting again. While grinding like this isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the moment, the amount of joy I felt after beating a tough opponent was unparalleled.

The last few entries in the series, and most specifically X and Y, were almost comically simple. The addition of the Exp. Share item now affecting your entire team instead of just one specific Pokémon has led to unbalanced leveling. It’s not any fun fighting opponents who consistently have Pokémon 5-10 levels lower than your own. The main reason I don’t think they want to make the games too challenging is because much of their fanbase consists of children. If the game is too hard, then these kids won’t want to play it. If I could beat the original Pokémon games when I was a child, then today’s kids can do the same. I’m not asking for Game Freak to make Sun and Moon on par with Dark Souls, but it would be nice to feel challenged in a Pokémon game once again.

What do you want to see changed in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Let me know down in the comments!

Published May. 23rd 2016

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