There is already a trolling level on Super Mario Maker

Oh no! A trolling level is already on Super Mario Maker!

As soon as we heard about Super Mario Maker some of us knew that trolling levels would make their way into the game for other players to rage over. Well, a level surfaced that trolls you in a way that everyone has experienced way too much.

Rick Rolling.

The level is titled "All the costumes unlocked" but once you actually play it you find yourself on a converter belt and objects fall onto note blocks off-screen to play the music. There is a roof of blocks on top of you so you can't jump and swarms of enemies try to attack you but fail to do so adding more trolling to this level than just the music.

You can tell just by hearing the music that someone spent a ton of time working on the on trolling level. 

This level seems to have a lot of mixed comments from people who hate it to people that absolutely love the level and want more like it.

Click the video above to check out the video and leave your take of it in the comments!


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Published Aug. 28th 2015

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