Five Kickstarter Games That Flopped Harder Than Mighty No. 9

Homestuck Adventure/Hiveswap

Based on Andrew Hussie's massively popular webcomic Homestuck, Homestuck Adventure, later renamed Hiveswap was launched in 2012 and met it's funding goal in less than a week, finishing its campaign with over two million dollars.  Of all the early Kickstarter projects, this one seemed both promising and plausible: the webcomic began as an homage to classic adventure games, had legions of rabid fans, and the expected release date of summer 2014 gave it a generous amount of time to develop.

Sadly, the game is still in development.  While new concept art released late last year, it seems more and more likely that Hiveswap may never see the light of day.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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