Five Kickstarter Games That Flopped Harder Than Mighty No. 9

The Stomping Land

An ambitious game that made it farther than most others on the list, The Stomping Land nevertheless failed to fully release. An open world survival game announced in 2012, The Stomping Land tasked players with killing dinosaurs for food, which would require planning and cooperation with other players online.  Early concept art showed a lot of promise and knowledge on the subject of dinosaurs, which helped the game reach it's relatively modest budget of a hundred thousand dollars.  The game even released on Steam Early Access on time.

However, the Early Access build was missing most of the promised features, including most of the map and dinosaurs that were promised.  While missing features in Early Access isn't uncommon, The Stomping Land was never finished, as the lead developer cut all communications with his team, leading to them leaving as well and the termination of development. 

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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