Activision Blizzard Board Welcomes Former Warner Bros. CEO

Activision Blizzard hires former Warner Bros. Executive to head up their committees.

Ex-Warner Bros. CEO, Barry Meyer, has joined Activision Blizzard's board of directors the publisher announced today. The board stated that Meyer is joining their nominating and corporate governance committees. 

Meyer commits to the publisher

Meyer served as CEO and chairman of the board for Warner Bros. Entertainment since 1999, after joining the company in 1971. He worked his way to the top and was the reason the entertainment company had its most successful year in 2009. He stepped down from his position as CEO in March of last year and stepped away from the board at the end of year. not only works for Activision Blizzard now, but he is also committed as co-CEO of North Ten Mile Associates and represents multiple organizations. I would say that Activision Blizzard "the world's largest and most profitable independent interactive entertainment publishing company," as self-described on their website, is gaining a very reputable and capable chairman to help handle their affairs. 

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Published Jan. 22nd 2014

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