Nintendo NX controller "leaks" confirmed to be fake

Congratulations to everyone on Team Fake: The NX controller leaks are some very clever pranks.

It's time to put the rumors to rest:  The "leaked" NX controllers that were circulating the internet this past week have been confirmed to be fake.  The videos posted below are courtesy of both "leakers."

The video above was posted to YouTube by user ID 2Dev, showcasing how the first "leak" came to life thanks to some clever Photoshop skills.  The video also comes with an apology to all members of "Team Real."  The second video -- posted below -- was uploaded by user Frank Sandqvist and proves the second "leak" is a product of some well done 3D-rendering.

The amount of effort put into both of these "leaks" is extremely impressive, to say the least, but a 3D-printed controller?  That's taking the game to a whole new level.  Well done Frank, you win this round.

Just a few days ago, Nintendo denied reports that the company was planning to end Wii U production in 2016, so when it comes to NX, we're back to square one.  It is believed that Nintendo will officially unveil its new console just before -- or at --  E3 2016, so there are only three months left until the truth comes out.


If anyone knows where I can adopt a Porg, hit me up.

Published Mar. 25th 2016

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