Final Fantasy XIV Official Character Creation Benchmark

The Final Fantasy XIV Official Benchmark is live.

The Final Fantasy XIV Official Benchmark, which allows you to create characters, is out. The Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account just tweeted it out moments ago.

The Benchmark is designed to score your computer on how well it can run Final Fantasy XIV. The Benchmark supports a 1920X1080 on top of the standard 1280X720 display. This allows you to see the world as if you were actually playing the game. 5.1 Channel surround sound will also be present within the Benchmark. You will be able to control the language settings to fit your individual needs. You will need at least Windows 7 or 8 with Direct X 9.0c and a minimum resolution of 1024X720 to run the benchmark.

The Scoring

The following are the scores for what your computer is capable of.

  • 7000+- Easily capable of handling the game on max settings.
  • 5000-6999- performs exceptionally well at the higher settings.
  • 3500-4999- should perform well at higher settings.
  • 2500-3499- can consider switching to a higher setting depending on performance.
  • 2000-2499- can run the game at default settings.
  • 1500-1999- capable of running the game but will experience minor slowdown.
  • 1000-1499- capable of running the game but will experience considerable slowdown.
  • Under 1000- cannot run the game.

Character Creation

The Benchmark also allows you to create and save character data for use during beta phase 4 and the official release version of Final Fantasy XIV. The default character shown during the Benchmark cutscene is a Mi'Qote male Paladin; you can set the Benchmark to use one of your created characters that you have saved instead. It's a pretty unique system and I have yet to see another company use it for their games.

So while we wait for the game to enter phase 4 of the beta let's go play around with the character creation.

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Published Aug. 1st 2013
  • Qyzex
    Featured Contributor
    Phantasy Star Online 2 did this for the Japanese beta, but if I remember correctly, you couldn't use the character you created in the benchmark itself, they were just bundled together.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    But I can't play PSO2 :(

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