10 RPGs That Deserve the Skyrim Remastered Treatment

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1. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

The three amigos. The holy trinity of all Pokemon games that we know today. These three were the first Pokemon games to be released (Red and Blue in 1998 and Yellow in 1999), and were the main reason why people hopped on the Pokemon bandwagon from the start.

The plot will be familiar to any player of the modern titles: journey across land, capture Pokemon, get all 8 badges, beat the Pokemon League, and defeat the bad guys (which is Team Rocket of course).

But what made these RPGs so unique was because they were the first of their kind. The gameplay was different, the mechanics were new at that time, and the idea of capturing Pokemon (and having one follow you...Pikachu in Yellow) was appreciated for its time.

Now imagine reliving your childhood memories but with 3D graphics, battle mechanics, and an interface like in Pokemon Sun and Moon, then of course WiFi. Yep, that's epic.


This is just a small list of some of the RPG titles that deserve a graphical remaster like Skyrim. What games do you think need to be added to the list? I know that there are many more great classics that deserve to be up here. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Published Oct. 31st 2016

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