10 RPGs That Deserve the Skyrim Remastered Treatment

8. Mega Man Battle Network Series

Developed and Published by Capcom, the first Mega Man Battle Network was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance.

Mega Man Battle Network is a real-time tactical RPG spin-off series, based off the original Mega Man series. Instead of robots, the Battle Network series focused on technology and computer networks.

Plots were different, but still the same for each one: a cyber-terrorist organization tries to destroy the world, or rule the world, or take over technology altogether, only to be stopped by Mega Man, and his operator, Lan. 

Other titles included: Battle Network 2 (2001), Battle Network 3: White and Blue (2002), Battle Network 4: Red Sun and Blue Moon (2003), Battle Network 5: Team Colonel and Team Protoman (2004), and Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar (2005).

A remake of the whole series, released on one cartridge would be a dream come true for any fan of the series. 3D graphics instead of 2D would probably be the main attraction, as well as enhanced and sharper battle animations and graphics.

Published Oct. 31st 2016

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