DERP Attacking Xbox Live Servers

DDOSer group DERP is at it again, this time going against Xbox Live servers

The DDOS'ing group that goes by the name of DERP has started the year attacking everything they see. First, they took down Riot’s servers for League of Legends, then DotA 2, to then go against Club Penguin and in an attempt to stop the live-streamer PhantomL0rd from doing his job – stream his gaming sessions.

After that, they looked after EA’s Origin, taking it down for a while. Now, they’re targeting Xbox Live servers, with quite a funny message:

According to the Xbox Live status page, XBLA's core service and functionality are running without presenting any issues; however, Kinect and Nat GEO TV apps are running with limited functionality.

"Hi Xbox members, are you having trouble trying to play videos on Kinect Nat Geo TV? We'll take it from here. Our team of engineers is engaged and working hard with our partner to find a fix. Thanks for being patient while we work. We'll update you as soon as everything is ready to go again"

Are you experiencing any issues with Xbox Live functionality?


It has come to my attention that the link on DERP's tweet has been flagged as malicious. It actually isn't, it is a simple image. So, in case you don't want to take the risk of going there (even though it is quite noticeable that Microsoft might have been the one reporting the link), I'm adding the image in here, for you to check it out safely.

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Published Jan. 5th 2014

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