Celebrate Good Sales...in Guild Wars 2

The Black Lion Trading Company is holding an awesome 10-day sale to celebrate their anniversary.

There’s almost nothing a gamer likes more than sales. It means your paycheck goes further and you aren’t faced with as many difficult decisions, forcing you to pick between this or that. Well, gamers, Guild Wars 2 has got your back for the next ten days.

In order to celebrate the anniversary of the Black Lion Trading Company, Guild Wars 2 is holding a ten-day sale. Every day will bring a popular item from the previous year. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the items are, but they’re sure to be something interesting.

For those who aren’t as familiar with Guild Wars 2 (or are simply taking advantage of the free trial option), the Black Lion Trading Company is a player’s direct link to the game’s economy. It’s headquartered in the city of Lion’s Arch and is run by Evon Gnashblade.

The Black Lion Trading Company is where you can sell items to and buy items from other players. You can also exchange gold for gems and vice-versa, should you need one or the other for purchasing the items you want. To access it, simply log in to the game, press "O", and begin buying!

Black Lion Trading Company

I suggest you take full advantage of this sale while you can. You never know when an opportunity like this will come up again!

Published Aug. 24th 2013

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