Swift as a Snake, Silent as a Shadow [GW2 Fashion]

Amber waves beneath night sky; Fire rages within hidden depths; Burning soul carved from ancient shadows.

Name: Snakeshadow Human Thief Member of the Order of Whispers Style of Theme:Fire, Demon, Ninja, Assassin, Badass, Order of WhispersJust another day at the office.The Snakesuit: Abyss Dye main with Burgundy Dye accents Whispers Mask Shaman Reward Pauldrons Shaman Reward Breastplate Hellfire Vambraces Shaman Reward Legguards Shaman Reward Greaves Dragon's Jade Needler Rox's Quiver "Red and black, death you lack; yellow and red, you are dead; black and white, say good night;"The Snake Hungers.


Published Aug. 3rd 2013

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