Ceiling Fan Software Loses Its Fight with Blizzard Entertainment

Ceiling Fan Software loses $7 million dollar lawsuit to Blizzard Entertainment over bot software.

We hear often of companies suing other companies and winning. What we don't hear is of those losing companies wanting their customers or clients to foot the bill. Ceiling Fan Software is a developer of bot software for the World of Warcraft game and is being sued by Blizzard Entertainment.

Bot programs allow a person to run a game, but the software plays the character itself and levels them up without the human doing anything, nor even having to be at the computer. These programs are considered outside the bounds of the terms of services that games use that all players have to agree to before playing a game.

Ceiling Fan Software has not only lost their two-year fight against industry giant Blizzard Entertainment in a lawsuit that totals to $7 million dollars, but they also lost a judgement that shut down the company period. The software provided by Ceiling Fan Software was not free of charge. They charged set-up fees as well as a monthly license fee and extra software.

Despite the profits the company has seen from their charges, they have not made enough to cover the $7 million dollar debt they now owe to Blizzard Entertainment. They have turned to customers and fans to help raise the money to pay Blizzard by asking for PayPal donations.

Published Oct. 24th 2013

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