Gift Guide: 9 Ultimate Gaming Keyboards for Under $100

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Corsair STRAFE

  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Price: $89.99 - $99.99
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Being the bigger brother to the K65, the STRAFE offers a very similar feature set, but with the added bonus of having red LED backlighting. However, this does mean it lacks dedicated media keys (they are useable by using the function key).

This, and the next on this ist, are the only mechanical gaming keyboards that allow you to pick which Cherry MX switch you want. Is it the smoothness of the Red you are after? Or the very tactile feedback of the Blue? Maybe you want the audible click of the blue, but the speed of the red so opt for Brown? What if you want the feel, but not the sound and go Silent? It doesn't matter. You can choose whichever fits you best.

On top of that, you get textured keycaps (W, A,S, D, Q, E, R, F) you can swap out, as well as a USB passthrough that can be used for any device. This all means that once again, Corsair has made another "Best of Gaming" keyboard -- just make sure you don't buy the RGB backlit version if you want to stay under $100.

Published Dec. 10th 2016

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