Cube World Goes into Paid Alpha, But You Have to Wait

It's a voxel sandbox, what more do you want?

Cube World is an adorable voxel-based sandbox RPG that is looking to expand what most sandbox players expect from the genre. It's blocky, it's bright, it's flexible, and it's in its paid alpha phase. Mostly.

[Update: The site is a bit more stable now. You may be able to purchase today!]

Shortly after announcing the paid alpha launch, the servers were hit with DoS attacks that have forced the developer to take down registrations and the shop periodically at peak times. If you're on the site at the wrong time, you will not be able to register or get a change to purchase the game. Users must have an account before they can even get to the purchase page.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, but for the time being there is a mini demo available on the official site. This demo is not a playable version of the game, but works as more of a benchmark to see if your computer can handle Cube World's intensive voxel visuals.

What's Special About Cube World?

Yeah, I know. We've seen a lot of sandbox titles over the past few years after the success of Minecraft, but each one has something unique to make it stand out. Cube World seems to want to make its mark on the genre with in-depth character progression, adventurer skills, and an active combat system among other things.

The developer's website has a great deal of information on what is in the works for the game and where it intends to go. Take a gander if you're not sure whether or not you want to invest in another sandbox title.

Keep an eye on the official site to see when registrations come back up to get in on the Cube World paid alpha. Once you are able to register, you can pay $20 to get into the alpha and all further phases.

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Published Jul. 12th 2013
  • GS_Mike
    I picked this up on Thursday and it is amazing. It looks like Minecraft but plays more like an action rpg. Think Minecraft meets Diablo. You can team up with 3 other players, clear objectives and get loot!

    When I purchased it, I paid $20.

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