FFXV Comrades Guide: How Birthplaces Affect Your Stats

Birthplaces affect your stats and what those stats do for your character in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. Here's a quick rundown of what buffs each birthplace brings to the table.

After jumping into Final Fantasy XV's newest expansion, Comrades, and clearing your first mission, you'll find yourself in a run-down Lestallum in need of a strong Glaive like yourself. As you make your way to the mission briefing counter, however, Libertus stops you to hand over a pair of daggers -- your own, actually, with your name and birthplace carved into the handle.

This is where the game allows you to select your birthplace. It may seem like an arbitrary decision at a glance, but when selecting one, you'll soon find out that each birthplace affects your character's stats in unique ways.

In this guide, we'll go over all the stats that are affected by birthplace and how each choice impacts your character's attributes. Whether you're looking to take advantage of every stat boost possible for your character build or simply wish to know what the stats actually do, this guide is sure to help you come to a decision.

How Birthplaces Affect Your Stats in FFXV: Comrades

Six character stats are ultimately affected by your birthplace, all of which support a variety of gameplay styles.

  • HP Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideHP -- Determines your maximum health.
  • MP Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideMP -- Determines your maximum magical energy.
  • Strength Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideStrength -- Affects strength of your physical attack.
  • Vitality Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideVitality -- Affects strength of your physical defense.
  • Magic Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideMagic -- Determines damage dealt with magical attacks.
  • Spirit Stat FFXV Comrades Birthplaces GuideSpirit -- Determines damage incurred from magical attacks and HP recovered from curative spells.

The birthplace you choose will not directly impact any other stats. However, it may indirectly impact stats such as your Attack or Defense, since the birthplace will affect the attributes with which they are calculated.

There are four birthplaces to choose from: Galahd, Insomnia, Lestallum, and Altissia.

Galahd Birthplace Stats

Galahd is the birthplace of many offensive specialists, blessed with high power and magic. Their starting stats are rather balanced:

 480 55  24  22  53  40


HP is a little low compared to other birthplaces, however. People from Galahd benefit from a decent MP stat and the second best Strength and Magic, making it the best birthplace to pick if you're looking to have a strong mixed offensive build.

Insomnia Birthplace Stats

Insomnia is the birthplace of many spellcasting specialists, blessed with high magic and max MP. Their starting stats heavily favor magical attributes:


 432 60  19  22  57  40


HP and Strength are lower than any other birthplace out there, but people from Insomnia also boast the highest MP and Magic stats available in the expansion. This is a great class to pick if you plan using a lot of MP or firing a bunch of offensive spells.

Lestallum Birthplace Stats

Lestallum is the birthplace of many all-out attackers, blessed with high power and max HP. Their starting stats heavily favor physical attributes:


 528 49  26  22  38  40


MP and Magic are lower than any other birthplace you can choose, but people from Lestallum also boast the highest HP and Strength stats around. This is a fantastic choice if you want to dish out as much damage as possible with your weapons.

Altissia Birthplace Stats

Altissia is the birthplace of many resilient folks, blessed with high vitality, spirit, and max HP. Their starting attributes heavily favor all forms of defense:


 504 55  22  24  48  44


Compared to people from other birthplaces, Altissians don't really have any low starting stats. They have the best Vitality and Spirit out of anyone, and their HP and MP are both fairly decent. Its Magic and Strength stats honestly aren't bad either.

Altissia is a great choice if you want to tank, heal, or are undecided in your roll. Not only is it nice to just have a little extra defense, but the fact that this birthplace doesn't really have any straight up bad stats makes it a great defacto choice for any playstyle.

Can You Reset Your Birthplace in FFXV: Comrades?

Once you've chosen a birthplace for your character, you cannot reset it -- at least not conventionally. You may make separate Avatars for different birthplaces, and while they share inventories and progression, they each need to be leveled up separately, which is a bit tedious.

In order to change the birthplace for your main character, you need to start the game over in New Game+. This can be done at any time by heading through the door behind the mission counter in Lestallum, but I advise that you beat the story first so that you're not under-geared going into the harder difficulty.


Hopefully, this birthplaces guide makes your decision a bit easier to make. If you're struggling to gain power early-on, you may benefit from our Weapon Remodeling Guide. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Final Fantasy XV: Comrades!

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Published Nov. 17th 2017

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