5 Heroes We Wanted in Heroes of the Storm Yesterday

5. Junkrat

Junkrat is a loud-mouthed demolitions expert with a penchant for mayhem, madness, and above all: explosions. In Overwatch, Junkrat's primary role is to zone opponents off key points with his vast array of traps and explosives, making him a perfect candidate for being the next "Specialist" in Heroes of the Storm.

Each hero in Heroes of the Storm is designed to stand out, and Junkrat's grenade launcher is full of opportunity for completely changing how players approach MOBAs. Junkrat's primary firing ability in Overwatch sends out a grenade in an arc that either detonates on impact or explodes after a short delay. An auto attack with a delay -- or even a potential to miss -- would fit perfectly with Junkrat's chaotic playstyle. 

Junkrat's absurd personality and erratic mechanics would ensure that no game that features him feels the same as the last, providing unbelievable entertainment for those playing him, and even those playing against him. 

Published Jun. 13th 2017

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