Kingdom Rush Becomes Free On Android

Ironhide Game Studios turns its tower defense game Kingdom Rush into a free download.

It looks like developer Ironhide Game Studio has decided to make Kingdom Rush free on Android. With no notice and seemingly out of nowhere, the first tower defense title in the Kingdom Rush series had its price reduced from 99 cents to completely free. While the game has become free to play, this doesn't mean that everything in the game has become free. 

There have always been some in-app purchases to obtain different heroes to help you in the game, and it doesn't look like the price of them will be changing anytime soon. This isn't inherently a bad thing though. These purchasable characters are good, but in no way vital to the experience. You can still get through the entire campaign with the characters you are given throughout the game.

If you are unfamiliar with Kingdom Rush, it's a tower defense game on both Android and iOS that has won many awards. You place your towers along the path to prevent the enemies from getting to your base. What makes this game unique is the different ways you can upgrade the units that come out of your tower and that you are able to position them on the map.

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Published May. 3rd 2015

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