TERA Gets Corsairs' Stronghold Battleground on July 2

Bluehole heard you like pirates, so they added pirates and a battleground. That's two for one. Score!

Love to PvP in TERA but bummed out by the endgame PvP gear grind? Want something to do besides level grind your way up to 60? Or maybe - just maybe - you simply want to duke it out in a large-scale 20 vs. 20 siege battle? Well buckle up, buddy, because Corsairs' Stronghold is on the way and will be available to all characters level 30 and above.

Corsairs' Stronghold brings the type of PvP experience TERA players have wanted since release. Siege weapons and even airships can be used in the struggle to either take or defend the anchorstone, the primary goal in the heart of the defending team's stronghold.

This all sounds great, but how can level 30s to 59s compete with geared up level 60s? That's easy enough: All battleground participants will be scaled up to level 60, including all of their current skills. All gear will also be equalized in strength, though your battleground gear will retain your standard equipment's number of crystal slots.

Along with this much-needed battleground injection come new titles, a new mount to win, and a slew of pirate-themed costume items to make even the least intimidating Popori look like a real swashbuckler.

Can't wait to try your hand at Corsair's Stronghold? You don't have long to wait, as the update will be making its way to the game on July 2nd. If you've parked your TERA account for a lack of anything to do, now might be the time to reinstall.

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Published Jun. 25th 2013
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