The most disappointing games ever to be cancelled

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Jak 4 (PS3 - Cancelled 2005)

A game many have been clamoring for for years, and yet it would have been nothing like what they expected. Jak & Daxter is one of PlayStation's most popular series' and two of the brands most iconic figures. With that in mind it's a surprise there have only been 3 games in the main series. However, Naughty Dog was developing a fourth.

When Naughty Dog left the PS1 it also left behind the systems mascot, Crash Bandicoot. It moved to PS2 and developed a more mature 3D platformer in Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, this again proved Naughty Dog's quality and spawned a new franchise. 4 games later the company was ready to move to the PS3 and stretch it's proverbial wings. The team wanted to do something more realistic, graphically and in tone. They started work on Jak 4, as seen in the artwork above, you can check out more of the art here, they toyed with the idea of a much more realistic Jak & Daxter.

Naughty Dog scrapped the plans pretty swiftly, after feeling like the team had simply outgrew the series, and more importantly, 3D platformers. From here they moved on to the mega-popular, and mega-awesome, Uncharted series. The team has been asked on numerous occasions if they would ever attempt Jak 4 again, to which they say the series doesn't reflect their current strengths, but they never rule it out. While Jak 4 is an exciting prospect, one can't help but agree that Naughty Dog has excelled since leaving the series behind. Going back to Jak would be exactly that, a step backwards.

Published Jul. 5th 2015

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