Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods So Far (Updated)

Rattay Start Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: This mod still works in the latest update, but a new version has been uploaded that reflects Theresa being saved and Kunesh being beaten in the fight. If you have the old version, make sure to download the new one (from the same place above). 

Remember the Dungeon-B-Gone mod from Baldur's Gate II that let you skip that annoying dungeon slog before getting into the actual open world segments of the game?

That's exactly what you get here, skipping the slow opening section; instead, you jump directly to the good stuff.

Obviously, you won't want to use this one on your first playthrough, but for subsequent Kingdom Come: Deliverance runs, this makes starting over to try out different options a much smoother experience overall.

Published Feb. 16th 2018

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