Destiny Guardians aren't only virtual heroes, they're real world heroes too

Guardians raised over 1 million dollars in efforts to aid Nepal disaster relief

Following the disasterous earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, Bungie began a fundraising drive to help raise funds to aid disaster recovery for the country. Bungie began selling Nepal aid t-shirts along with in-game emblems and shaders in their online store. All profits were donated to Direct Relief, an organization working to aid survivors of the tragic event.

Bungie was able to get the attention of thousands of gamers in the Destiny community and raised $1,026,006.80 for Direct Relief. This incredible amount made Bungie Direct Relief's largest donor for aid in Nepal. Thanks to the benevolent hearts of you Guardians, Direct Relief was able to send medical aid and supplies for Nepal. 

The shirts are now being shipped out to everyone that purchased them! Due to the large amount of shirts that were ordered, shipments may take awhile. They are sending out the orders in the order they came in, so if you haven't recieved it yet, it will arrive soon.

The in-game shaders and emblems will be available sometime this summer and will be delivered by Tess. In order to recieve this, the game will need to be updated. Bungie will announce the date to do so when they finalize everything.

The fundraising event has now come to an end, however if you missed out and would still like to donate, you can do so here. Keep up the great work Guardians! You have made the gaming community very proud.


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Published Jun. 5th 2015

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