All-You-Can Play PlayStation Buffet

Sony introduces the all-you-can play option for PlayStation Now.

When Sony launched the PlayStation Now program gamers were hoping for so much more than they were provided with. We were led to believe that we would have a massive library to choose from and play as long as we wanted.

It seems that half of our thoughts and wishes have come true. Although the games are still mediocre and there is much left to be desired on the gameplay aspect we now have unlimited gameplay options. Gamers had plans that you could choose from when signing up consisting of time frames ranging from hours to weeks of rental. Finally Sony has launched a plan for unlimited gameplay for a monthly fee. Gamers can now pay $19.99 per month or save a bit of cash and pay $44.99 for a three month plan.

Just a few titles to choose from

Keeping an open mind about new programs the library is still slim picking, but it is still growing and forming into something that could be great. Sony does a great job listening to their fans so a bigger library is wanted there is a great chance that we will see a bigger library. For the time being it seems that the unlimited gameplay is what will have to pacify our wants.

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Published Jan. 7th 2015

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