Crashlands Juicemancy Guide: How to Get the Juiceforge

How to get the Juiceforge to Reroll, Upgrade, and Convert your equipment in the new Juicemancy update for Crashlands.

So Crashlands just received the Juicemancy update last week. It introduced the Juiceforge as a new crafting station, which lets you Reroll, Upgrade, and Covert your equipment. Using it, you can transform your equipment into something that fits your own playstyle.

Ever just want an equipment set completely stacked with Movement Speed for traveling around Woanope quick as thunder? Well, now we can whip one up, making use of the Reroll tool to get Movement Speed on all of our gear before Converting it to stack all of our stats into speed.

However, in order to juice up our equipment like this, we must first find the schematic for and craft the Juiceforge. If you're new to Crashlands, or are simply starting a new save, you're bound to be eager to figure out how to obtain this god-like power for yourself. After all, you're going to need every advantage you can get to survive this insanely hostile planet.

All right, fine; you've talked me into it. I'll share the secrets of Juicemancy with you. But on one condition: use this knowledge to create an equipment set of incredible power to avenge your no doubt countless deaths on Woanope.

Juicemancy Quest Guide: How to get the Juiceforge

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge

You receive the Juicemancy quest as soon as you offer two Stuffed Wojacks to Toochoochoo for killing his alleged pet Bubbles, which is relatively early in the main questline for the Bawg. Juicebox talks about a weird energy surge and marks a spot on your map for you to investigate.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge Yoxxi's Storm

Check your map and head to the spot labeled Yoxxi's Storm. There you will find a Brubus practicing the dangerous art of Juicemancy. After interrogating him about it, he'll tell you where he learned it from but warned you to bring a Pointy Pinwheel as an offering.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge Pointy Pinwheel

Head back to base and craft the Pointy Pinwheel at the Chemworks table. You may need to gather some Glutterfly Chitin, Whistleroot Weed, and Flatstone Gravel from the Savanna if you're short. Take the Pointy Pinwheel from the workbench and head to the spot marked Jewelry Shop on the map.

Whack the strange Squee you stumble across to discover it's really Ramerl in disguise. Fend off the monsters when they appear. Once the threat is clear, Ramerl requests a few materials from you: 10 Crystallized Juice10 Nurvaxon10 Dendrite Spine, and a Charged Zug Molt.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge Charged Zug Molt

The Charged Zug Molt is crafted by feeding a domesticated Zug Fatheaded Slurpers and Dusk Dust. If you haven't tamed one yet, go out and kill larger Zugs until they drop an egg. The Fatheaded Slurpers are caught randomly while fishing in the Savanna and Dusk Dust is mined off of Dusk Crystals with a level 2 pickaxe.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge Nurvaxon Dendrite Spines

The electric Nurva trees drop both Nurvaxon and Dendrite Spines when harvested with a level 3 saw. They each have a low drop rate, but it shouldn't take long when you focus your efforts. Just watch out for the Wojacks who are quick to anger when you chop down a Nurva tree.

Please refer to our guide on how to find Crystallized Juice if you don't already have space trucks full of it.

Return to Ramerl with the materials. While she prototypes the Juiceforge, monsters are beset upon you again. After fending them off, Ramerl rewards you with the schematic for the Juiceforge. Scuttle on back to your base to craft your own.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge crafting requirements

Head over to the Jackweaver to finally construct your Juiceforge. It requires 80 Crystalized Juice32 Myelar, and 2 Charged Zug Molt. Chances are, you'll only need to make the extra Zug Molt. You get a lot of Myelar from Nurva trees and you should have plenty of Crystallized Juice from all over the place.

Craft it and place it down through Build mode to enjoy creating the most outrageously powerful equipment you can muster.

Crashlands Juicemancy Quest Guide How to get the Juiceforge upgrading rerolling converting

How do you plan to morph your equipment to become an unstoppable force? Let us know your Crashlands stat set-ups in the comments below! Be sure to check out our guide on Crystallized Juice for tips on grinding it out in large quantities.

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Published Dec. 13th 2016

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