Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sold Better on Xbox Consoles

PlayStation 4 was the winner for opening week console sales of the latest Call of Duty in the UK, but it wasn't overwhelming, and Microsoft came out with the most sales overall.

Based off of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare opening week sales in the UK, PlayStation 4 may have been the winner in the overall console race, but both of Microsoft's Xbox consoles overtook Sony.

According to the GfK Chart Track (via Video Gamer), PS4 had 35 percent of Activision Blizzard's latest shooter, Xbox One had 32 percent, Xbox 360 had 21 percent, and PS3 managed 11 percent. Based on the statistics, that means 53 percent of the sales went to Xbox units and gives Microsoft the slim edge.

What else to the numbers tell us?

There's two other stories that come out of this. One of them is that roughly two-thirds of the COD fan base on consoles have already jumped to the next generation. Also, it's clear that quite a few aren't budging from the Microsoft console. Despite the PS4's big lead in unit sales, Xbox One is just behind by three percent. Also, there's still a lot of people hanging on to their 360 with over one-fifth of the fan base still playing it on the last generation console.

I'm not really surprised when seeing these numbers. It would be hard for a lot of the COD fan base that's comfortable with the Xbox Live ecosystem to switch over to Sony's. Plus, we're only entering the second holiday season with the new consoles. I'd expect the install base on 360 to continue dwindling as the years progress into the current generation.

Are you surprised by the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales figures?

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Published Nov. 10th 2014

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