Goat Simulator Goes Jurassic in Its Xbox One Trailer

Clever girl... err, I mean goat.

When not working on what we're all hoping is Sanctum 3, Coffee Stain Studios is bringing its famous gag game Goat Simulator to Xbox One. To celebrate this, they've released a "live action" trailer (above), like all true console games should. Not only that, but it hints to what the latest update may bring.

This release will include the Coastal City update:

For the five people in the audience who don't know, Goat Simulator is a goofy physics game about licking, headbutting, and causing general mayhem as a seemingly invincible goat. Glitches, so long as they aren't game breaking, are considered a feature. To give you an idea of how often this happens, they even included a Respawn button in the main pause menu for if you get stuck outside of the world.

Why does this exist? Because gamers demanded it (seriously). Goat Simulator is currently available on mobile devices, PC, Mac, and Linux. There are even box copies (yes, again, seriously).

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Published Apr. 9th 2015

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