5 Reasons Yearly Franchise Releases Should Go The Way of the Dinosaur

1. Players Will Get Hyped After A Long Hiatus

When a video game series hasn't seen a release for a number of years, players begin to ask when the next release will be, hoping that announcements will be made during big gaming events like PAX or E3.

And the hype train that surrounds long-awaited releases is a great thing for developers. When an announcement is made, it sparks discussion across gaming communities, in forums, on social media, and through word of mouth. That means more exposure, more interest, and hopefully more success. 

I mean, just look at the hype that surrounded games like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. Both games were over 10 years in the making, and fans nearly lost their minds before release. 

If developers really want people to be excited about the games they're making and generate a lot of conversation that translates to copies sold, they need to give fans a little bit of time away from the franchise to miss all the things they loved about it. 


Published Jan. 10th 2017

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