A New Main Lead for Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader

A new protagonist designed by Sui Ichida, the Tokyo Ghoul creator himself, has been shown in a preview of next week's edition of Weekly Shonen Jump.

What's better for a video game based on a manga than having a collaboration with the manga creator himself? Nothing, I would imagine.

In the preview of next week's of Weekly Shonen Jump, it was shown that a new protagonist was added to Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader, the PS Vita game based on the popular series Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ichida. This new character was designed by Ishida himself in a collaboration between the creator and Bandai Namco Games, the company creating and publishing the game. This is just another part of the work Ishida has done for the game; he's also worked on the game's original story, which diverges from the manga's actual plot.

The new character, the Ghoul Rio, is described as "a youth who becomes the key to the story." On a journey to save his older brother, Rio is chasing down a particular, but unknown character. The magazine's preview hints that Rio is somehow connected to the manga and anime's protagonist, Kaneki Ken.

What's known of the game so far is the adventure side of it. It allows the players to freely wander through 23 wards of the Tokyo city and to talk to specific characters. Speaking with these characters builds relationships that may or may not effect the ending of the game. 

The series inspired a smartphone game by Bandai Namco Games, with versions for both Andriod and iOS devices being released in February of this year. Tokyo Ghoul's first handheld video game was announced at the beginning of the year, in Young Jump magazine's eighth edition. The "adventure RPG" still has no release date or price set.

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Published Mar. 27th 2015

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