17 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

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Scorn Part 1: Dasein

Developer: Ebb Software
Platforms: PC
Release Date: October 2018

There have been some amazing highs and devastating lows in Scorn's history, from a jaw-dropping trailer that had the whole horror world abuzz to times where it seemed like the project was dead in the water.

When I first saw that disturbing, flesh-focused world in the game's original teaser video, I was hooked and knew I'd be on board no matter where development ended up going. 

While I'm not exactly overjoyed that the game has been split into two, I'm still hopeful we'll get something that messes with our minds on the level of SOMA, while giving us an insane Giger-esque world with major touches of Cronenberg in the flesh-meets-technology style.

Published Nov. 17th 2017

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