17 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

The Sinking City

Developer: Frogwares
Platforms: PC, presumably consoles
Release Date: Unannounced

After Frogwares passed development of the official Call Of Cthulhu game to Cyanide, they immediately got to work on . . . a Lovecraftian Cthulhu-style game. Yeah, I don't get what happened there either, but whatever, I'll take two cosmic horror games instead of one.

What sets The Sinking City apart is that it's an open-world game, and while the setting clearly calls to mind Innsmouth, it's done quite a bit differently, as the various districts of the game are slowly dropping beneath the waves. The city generator tool, in fact, is going to be released to fans so players can create their own versions of the city directly.

If the promo art is any indicator, The Sinking City also looks to be a lot more explicit on the monster front than Call Of Cthulhu. We may be overly optimistic in expecting it to land as a full release by the end of 2018, but fingers crossed.

Published Nov. 17th 2017

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