17 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

State Of Decay 2

Developer: Undead Labs
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Release Date: Spring 2018

Since Dead Island 2 is probably never going to arrive, and who knows what's happening with the Left 4 Dead franchise, we've got to look now to State Of Decay 2 for our co-op zombie apocalypse fun on consoles. The game is shaping up to be a pretty stellar combination of hard choices, tactical combat, and open-world survival.

If you haven't gotten into the State Of Decay series yet, think of the RPG elements and large areas in a zombie apocalypse wasteland from Dead State, but with the better visuals and faster pace of something like Left 4 Dead. The mixing of styles offers up something really compelling for console players, and the sequel aims to expand that even further.

Published Nov. 17th 2017

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