Wave Break Crashes Onto Switch, Steam This Summer

Wavebreak is set to bring its unique concoction of skateboarding meets boat racing meets shooter to Switch and Steam in a few months.

If you ever wondered what Wave Race mixed with an '80s synthwave aesthetic would look like, Wave Break would come pretty close. Previously released on Google Stadia in 2020, developers Funktronic Labs have just confirmed that it’s now arriving for Steam and Nintendo Switch, launching this Summer.

Described as capturing the feel of classic skateboarding games — mixed with boat racers and, of all things, online shooters — players can expect a full solo campaign, alongside three competitive multiplayer modes. All of this is backed up by a “fresh synthwave” soundtrack. You can read more of our thoughts on the game in our preview here.

Speaking further about the upcoming launch, President of Funktronic Labs, Eddie Lee, released this outline on what to expect. 

Since it’s early launch on Stadia last year, the team has added new campaign missions, a new warehouse level, a brand-new Park Creator bringing 6 different themes ranging from tropical to neon, 100s [sic] of premade park pieces, custom ramps, grinds, and geometry tools, and the ability to create parks in real time by yourself, or with friends in multiplayer!

We're super excited to finally announce that Wave Break is coming to Switch and Steam this Summer [sic]. The team worked hard to get it smooth 60hz on Switch, and we can't wait to see all the wacky fan-made creations in the new Park Creator. We also have another big musical surprise coming for launch, you won't believe it!

For PC players, a closed PC beta has also gone live, running until March 21. You can find out how to get involved on Funktronic Labs’ official websitebut stay tuned to GameSkinny for further developments.


Published Mar. 15th 2021

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