8 Horrifying Games That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

7. Resident Evil 4 

It was announced a while ago that Resident Evil 4 would receiving a facelift for its re-release on PS4 and Xbox One, and I couldn't be happier. I won't lie, I'm a fanboy of this game. It played a pretty important role in my childhood gaming timeline, and it scared the absolute sh*t out of me the first time that I played it.

Resident Evil 4 starts out with the player taking control of Leon Kennedy in a remote Spanish village as he investigates the disappearance of the president's daughter, Ashley. The villagers don't seem to approve of his presence, and as you navigate the dismal settings filled with hordes of mindless foes that don't ever stop walking towards you, a more nefarious plot begins to unfold.

This game is amazing, and I have fond memories of not wanting to get any nearer to some of the enemies in the latter parts of the game, who seem to enjoy ritualistically chanting in a manner that I hope nobody ever has to hear in real life. The only thing that makes this game annoying is a sequence of babysitting that you have to do later on. Besides that, it's wonderful.

Published Jun. 25th 2016

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