Titanfall Weighs In At a Respectable 48GB On PC

No amount of Wilhelm can save Titanfall for 48GB of awesome.

March 11th, the date that North American gamers have waited for with bated breath. Titanfall is go. Respawn Entertainment's titanic entry into the already full arena of FPS combatants. However what many PC users may not have expected is the larger than life install size, 48GB as reported by GameInformer.


The audio in Titanfall is so intense that it requires so much install space; a simple pop, smash, and a Wilhelm Scream won't do for immersion.

Why is this the case? The Xbox One install size is only 17GB, a lot smaller than a lot would have predicted. It would seem it is mainly due to those two things protruding from the side of your head; ears. The audio in Titanfall is so intense that it requires so much install space; a simple pop, smash, and a Wilhelm Scream won't do for immersion. The Xbox One has a built-in audio decoder, this allows the install size to be dramatically small than the PC counterpart.

One bonus to the large install size is that those PC gamers who are still running dual core processors, or equivalent technology, the game will have better chances at running.

Did you pick up TitanfallOr are you in the EU like me and having to wait until Friday?

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Published Mar. 11th 2014
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