Top 15 Minecraft Spawn Point Seeds for January 2018

Spawn near Plains Village

Seed: 6274878949699898717
Biomes: Plains, Swampland

Spawn adjacent to a plains village (coordinates: -170, 218) that's swarming with zombie villagers. Before heading toward the forge to loot the chest, try luring them into the sunlight to enter safely. The reward? Three breads, an iron pickaxe, a saddle, and a pair of iron boots and iron leggings. If you lost health during the skirmish, take advantage of the pigs and chickens wandering the village pathways.

When you're ready, put the saddle to use by mounting one of the nearby horses to begin exploring.

Note: A Witch's Hut can be found in the swampland biome by heading west (coordinates: -412, 52). There are no stairs leading to the hut, so if the Witch manages to fall into the water, it will be unable to reenter. 

Published Jan. 7th 2018

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