10 Strangest but Compelling Games on the Vita

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This is a rhythm and strategy game where players tap their Vita in order to issue commands in battle -- quite literally great beats mixed with tactical action.

Players roleplay as a god who commands their army, moving through the world on a predestined path. You must combine rhythm and quick thinking to take on whatever enemies come at you -- and they come quickly, which means they can land right on top of you and force split-second decisions and reactions. That makes for one crazy game!

Enemies come in three colors, each with the ability to counteract the other. So you must move your troops, tap specific colors to a beat, and then tell your troops where to go. To battle bosses, you must utilize the best of your troops and quickly swap between close or ranged combat to be successful. Every action you take will be rated, and you only get to move forward when you've earned an "excellent" or better. 

This is a combination of great tunes and quick thinking action that should get Vita owners scrambling for their consoles. You can buy Orgarhythm for $9.99 on the PS Store.

Published Dec. 13th 2016

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