10 Strangest but Compelling Games on the Vita


Divekick pays homage to the fighting game community, and there is a lot of strange behavior in this game. There are tons of inside jokes, such as a character with a large head. There are also crossover characters from Nidhogg, which makes this the best and strangest fighting game for the Vita.

It’s a two-button fighting game, where the player can either jump or kick. It is that simple. As such, it is competitive and easy to pick up too. There are a few more advanced characters that offer a little more gameplay, making a full roster of 13 characters.

Plus, we can teach you special moves in Divekick. Score. 

Though its unusual for a console, this game allows two players to simultaneously control characters, with each player controlling two actions and then fighting on one screen on the Vita.

For players that  a fun, introduction to fighting games, this one is an interesting choice. You can buy Divekick for $4.99 on the PS Store.

Published Dec. 13th 2016

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