10 Strangest but Compelling Games on the Vita

Get Off My Lawn

This game stars a grumpy old man who, armed with a shotgun, repels aliens that have landed in his yard.  Shoot first and ask questions later in this endless arcade style shooter, and keep the nefarious aliens off Murray’s perfectly manicured lawn.

Clearly, first contact for the aliens did not go exactly as planned. Pulling the trigger has drawn Murray into full scale war with his alien visitors, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. Armed with his musket and inconsolable rage, Murray must defend his home against all odds. Why are the aliens attacking only this one house? Nobody knows!

Collect valuable alien orbs to upgrade your weaponry, and use power ups to gain the upper hand in the most desperate of times. The longer Murray holds the lawn, the stronger the aliens get. However, there is plenty of firepower waiting to be used in The Shed.

Players must lock and load and get ready to tell aliens: "get off my lawn"!

You can pick up Get Off My Lawn for free on the PS Store.

Published Dec. 13th 2016

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