ANNO Heading to iPad as ANNO: Build an Empire

The popular Ubisoft city-builder Anno 2070 makes the notorious transition from PC to iPad.

ANNO 2070, the 5th game in the city-builder ANNO series, left critics and fans surprisingly pleased. The game, available for only Windows PC, is considered to be a " big step forward in the ANNO series."

However, it seems that Ubisoft Blue Byte, in collaboration with Mi'pu'mi Games, won't be stopping there. Another giant step in the franchise's future has recently been announced: ANNO: Build An Empire, the game's iPad adaptation.

The game will follow the general premise of the PC game, with the ease and accessibility of a tablet.

Players will begin the game with one island and will have to "build an empire," from the ground up. Churches and taverns will be necessary to keep your inhabitants happy while you expand your supremacy across your island, until you've proven worthy to begin life on another. 

Following suit with the earlier versions of the game, a social element will also be present. Players will be able to challenge his/her friends by participating in the "stand-alone experience."

With the mobile city-builder genre on the rise with titles such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, Ubisoft should have no trouble with a successful launch of this new version of ANNO

To run ANNO: Build An Empire you'll have to possess an iPad 2 or higher, running iOS6 or above complete with a constant internet connection. 

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Published May. 7th 2014

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