GOG Winter Quest Fest Sale!

GOG (Good Old Games) is offering a large weekend-promo sale with over 30 games for 60% off.

If you thought the beginning of 2014 couldn't get any better with video game sales, you'll be happy to know that GOG (Good Old Games) is having a giant Winter Quest Fest Sale. All your favorite old-timey games for some drop dead prices.

Winter Quest Fest Sale List!

With over 30 games available on the list for 60% off, it's a bit hard to decide which games to get and which games to ditch. Among the list are some popular titles like:

  • Pharaoh & Cleopatra - $3.99
  • Zeus & Poseidon (Acropolis) - $3.99
  • Caesar 3 - $2.39
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura - $2.39
  • SWAT 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition - $3.99
  • Torin's Passage - $2.39
  • Spycraft: The Great Game - $2.39
  • Return to Zork- $2.39
  • Return to Krondor - $2.39

If you want to see the rest of the list, feel free to scan the rest at the official GOG website. Keep in mind, this promo-sale ends within 3 days and the games will then go back to full price and that all of the games are used on Windows. Sale lasts until Tuesday, January 21, at 4:59AM GMT. I know I'll be enjoying some time playing Pharoah & Cleopatra!

What is this GOG?

GOG is a wonderful video game distribution website where you can get your favorite old-timey games for decent prices. Through the digital download method, you'll make an account on their site and purchase games to that account. From there you can download the games from the account to your computer. Couldn't be any simpler!

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Published Jan. 19th 2014

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