Scalebound to Receive Comic and Book of Lore from Titan Comics

Titan Comics will be releasing an in-universe tome of lore as well as comics for Platinum Games' Upcoming action RPG Scalebound.

Platinum Games' upcoming dragon-packed action RPG Scalebound is to receive tie-in comics and a book of the game's lore, both from Titan Comics, which was announced on the game's official Twitter earlier this week. 

Titan Comics will be releasing both the lore book and the comics sometime in 2017, although not much else is known about either of them as of yet. The lore book is claimed to be titled The Book of Sages, and will be an in-universe book written from the perspective of several of the main characters present in Scalebound. 

The comic books related to the game are planned expand on the lore present in Scalebound, and will, according to Titan Comics Sales and Marketing manager Ricky Claydon, "...appeal to an even wider audience," presumably than the game itself. As of now, it has not been made clear if the comics will be a limited series to fit in with the game, or an ongoing series of some sort.

Scalebound's The Book of Sages as well as the comics are planned for release in 2017, as is the game itself on Xbox One and PC. 

You can watch a recent trailer for Scalebound below:

Published Sep. 5th 2016

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